Our Breads

All breads and cakes are baked on the premises. The secret to Baked Poetry’s cakes and breads is that there are no premixes or artificial creams used, the fruits are fresh and the chocolate is real chocolate. Our recipes are old family secrets or taken from traditional home style baking books. The same special Baked Poetry sourdough starter has been used in the sourdough breads from the first day of opening in 1998.

A heavy grain loaf, made with oats, linseed, sunflower seeds and cracked wheat, consisting of a mixture of wheat and rye meal

Dark Rye
Traditional German style sourdough dark rye

Light Rye
Traditional German style sourdough rye, lighter in texture than the Dark Rye

Light Vollkorn
The blend of the Light Rye with the heavy grained Vollkorn produces a lighter style multigrain loaf.

Vienna Loaf
Large white crusty loaf, beautiful for toasting.

Laugen Rolls
Traditional German rolls, dipped in “Lauge” before baked, to create the typical Pretzel taste

White Crusty Rolls
Beautiful all round rolls

Grissini Sticks
Italian type crispy bread sticks with salt and caraway seeds, very popular for after school snacks and for dips.

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