All Day Menu

All breads are baked in our bakery. Please see “Our Breads” section for a full description of each bread. As much as possible we source all our fresh ingredients locally. We poach the chicken to retain it’s moisture, we make our own hummus, dressings, pesto and delicious pickles. Our mushrooms are freshly marinated to our own recipe, and our pumpkin and eggplant is roasted daily. Our ham is off the bone and locally smoked.

Croissant with butter and jam $5.50
Fruit toast with butter $9.00
Ham, cheese & tomato croissant  $10.00
Avocado, cheese & tomato croissant  $10.50
Bacon & cheese croissant  $11.00
Avocado on rye, feta, relish & balsamic   $12.50
Hummus, sun dried tomato & feta on Vollkorn  $11.00
Eggs in the glass  $9.50
Bacon, eggs in the glass and grilled tomatoes  $16.00
Bircher Muesli   $13.00 available till noon
Soup with toast and butter

Bacon BLAT, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato and chive mayo on toasted flat bread $16.50
Brie BLAT: Brie, lettuce, avocado. tomato and chive mayo on flat bread $16.50
Chicken CLAT, chicken, lettuce, avocado, tomato and chive mayo on toasted flat bread $16.50
Ham, cheese, tomato Open Grill & tomato relish $14.50
Chicken, avocado and cheese Open Grill & chive mayo $16.00
Hummus, avocado & cheese Open Grill  & pesto $13.50
Poets Salad greens, pumpkin,eggplant, mushrooms, feta, olives, SDT, hummus $17.50
Poets Sandwich avocado, feta, mushrooms, olives, hummus, greens & dressing  $17.00
Ham Sandwich with salad, pickles & dressing $16.00
Chicken Sandwich with salad, chive mayo & dressing  $17.00
Smoked Salmon Sandwich Salad, capers, horseradish mayo & dressing $17.50
Hot Frankfurters with sauerkraut, mustard & breads $15.00
Melting Goats Cheese with eggplant, pumpkin, pesto, SDT & greens $18.50

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