Our Cakes & Pastries

All of our cakes are prepared and baked on the premises. The secret to Baked Poetry’s cakes and breads is that there are no premixes or artificial creams used, the fruits are fresh and the chocolate is real chocolate. The cakes taste wholesome and are not too sweet. Most recipes are old family secrets or taken from traditional home style baking books.

Black Forest Gateaux
A traditional southern German Cake, the delicate chocolate sponge is sprinkled with real Kirsch and layered with sour cherries and fresh cream

Chocolate Sin
A chocolate sponge Gateaux, sprinkled with Kirsch sugar syrup and layered with real chocolate ganache

Sacher Torte
A chocolate and almond meal cake, thinly coated with apricot jam, a layer of real marzipan and iced with rich dark chocolate

Linzer Torte
A traditional Austrian flan, consisting of a spicy nutty cinnamon short crust, filled with raspberry jam and finished with the typical Linzer lattice.

Orange Almond Cake (Gluten Free)
A moist cake made from pureed oranges and almond meal, soaked in orange syrup

Lemon Tart
Traditional lemon tart, made with real lemon juice and cream on a short crust base

Baked Cheese Cake
The real German style Baked Cheesecake, made with quark and a hint of lemon

Bavarian Apple Tart
A short crust base filled with a cream cheese filling, strawberry jam and thinly sliced apples, topped with almond flakes – a top seller!

Raspberry Crumble
A short crust base filled with a cream cheese filling, strawberry jam, raspberries and topped with thick crumbles

Vanilla Slice
crunchy puff pastry, layered with a delicious vanilla cream filling

Carrot Cake
A traditional moist carrot and walnut cake topped with a lemon cream cheese icing

Caramel and Walnut Slice
A sweet nutty brownie style slice

Almond Croissant
A delightful marzipan filled croissant topped with more marzipan and flaked almonds

Pear Frangipani
An almond meal cake with poached pear on a short crust base

Strawberry Cheese Cake
Fresh Strawberries on a lemon cheesecake filled short crust base

Plum Crumble (seasonal only)
The real German Pflaumen Kuchen! Yeast base, tarty fresh plums and sweet crumbles on top. Irresistible with fresh cream!!

Cakes cost between $4.50 and $7.00 (most are $6.00) per serve

We do whole cakes to order. Please give us a few days notice. And please understand that there might be busy times when we are unable to fulfil your requests. Whole cakes cost between $60 and $70 (14 serves)

Experience the Best – Because it Costs No More!

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